FAQs for Meroschool

1.     What is MeroSchool?

MeroSchool is an ASP .NET based hybrid application for school management. You can work on offline module and synchronize your data seamlessly with cloud based online server for data portability.

2.     How is online version different from offline version?

MeroSchool provides you complete suite of school management tools and our offline & online versions are just for your convenience. Both comes with all the powerful tools developed by Gyan Sagar. The only difference is integrated social media tools like forum, blogs and circulars. Since they exclusively run on connected media you can not use these functions on offline version.

3.      Can I subscribe only online version ?

Yes. You can subscribe only online version of MeroSchool, school management software. Basically when you purchase software license for MeroSchool you are subscribing to online version, the offline module is provided for your convenience only because net connectivity is not very reliable in all parts of Nepal.

4.      Can I subscribe to Offline version only?

No. You can not subscribe to offline version only of MeroSchool. The software is designed and build on browser based application and you can not use all modules of MeroSchool if you subscribe to offline version only. The real essence of MeroSchool is data portability and you will not be able to use this feature if you subscribe to offline version only. Also, social media layer is lacking in offline version and you can not communicate instantaneously with your teachers, parents or students.

5.      What happens when my internet breaks down?

If you are working online and your internet connection breaks down then all your completed work is automatically backed up at the cloud server. And when connection comes back you can easily resume your work.

6.     Which browser does this software support?

It works on all modern browsers like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Sapari, Opera

7.     How do you offer training and support?

We take great care of our customers and provide various training & support programs. We’ll provide extensive training to school designated operators and help with initial setup. After completing initial setup and data entry our expert trainer will help you train your other staff members for optimum utilization of resources available to you on MeroSchool.

We provide 24 x 7 online support for any issues thereof and our specially trained support staffs are available for on-site troubleshooting when required.

8.      Is my data secure using your software?

We use advance security tools Your data is absolutely secured with us

9.      Where is the backup file stored?

All your data are regularly backed up in our cloud server and can be easily restored in-case you loose from your desktop.

10.   Can we run the software from different computers in the school?

Yes, you can run same software from multiple workstations at your school. If you want to run desktop version of your software at multiple workstations, all the computers must be networked in your school intranet. For accessing online resources from multiple workstations is easily managed with authenticated user ID.

11.  Can we computerize all the processes of our school using MeroSchool?

MeroSchool is a complete enterprise management software and you can run most of your school processes with it. From student enquiry to graduation, accounts to fees and exams & services all can be completely computerized to make your institution a paperless office.

12.  What happens when I run out of storage?

We provide flexible options to upgrade your data storage limit and you can upgrade it at any time you need.

13.   What happens to my data when I terminate service?

If you decide to terminate MeroSchool services after using it for some time we’ll offload all your data from our server to your local machine.

14.   Can I restore my back up data in case I lost from my local machine?

Yes. Our support staff will help you recover your database from online server to your local machine.

15.   My school doesn’t have all the resources to use lots of functions of MeroSchool. Can I still use some of the functions now and develop plan to upgrade my infrastructure for full use in the future?

Yes. MeroSchool is designed and build on modular basis and you don’t have to use all the functions to take advantage of it. You can of course upgrade your facilities so that we can take full advantage of truly futuristic design of MeroSchool for optimum resource utilization.